Dreel Meadow

A small site, but a nice burn side stroll and/or wildlife spotting site. Dreel Meadow is principally a wet grassland habitat bordering Dreel Burn.

location Anstruther
KY10 3BU

Tel: 07951 349951
Web: http://fifecoastandcountrysidetrust.co.uk/Countryside/Dreel-Meadow_29.html
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The site is rich in a variety of wildflower species and this in turn provides a habitat for a large range of invertebrates. During the autumn, the seeds which are produced by the rich plant life attract feeding flocks of Finches and other small birds. Heron and Mallard are often seen on the banks of Dreel Burn as well as the occasional Kingfisher. The site is left to grow through the summer months before being cut and raked in the autumn so that scrub and coarser vegetation are kept at bay. Local community groups often help out with maintenance tasks such as raking. This is done with the support of the local farmer who owns the site.

Parking can be found at the south entrance to the site or you can walk up from the car parks at the harbour. The Coastal Path is less than 0.5 miles from this little gem

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Dreel Meadow
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