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Sat, 19th Jan @ 19:45 - 22:00

An Evening with Ruby Wax

Topping & Company Booksellers
  • Topping & Company Booksellers
  • 7 Greyfriars Garden
  • St Andrews
  • St Andrews
  • KY16 9HG
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‘We need to find out before the future arrives – before it’s too late – because very soon computers are going to put us into snow globes and give them to each other for Christmas. Before we replace any of our own parts to make us faster, sexier, longer lasting it would be good to know where’s the part that defines us as being human.’ Ruby Wax

The New Year throws up all sorts of hopes and challenges. To guide us through them, join Ruby Wax, whose new book How to Be Human: The Manual offers us a consoling look at the quirks and compulsions that make us entirely, forgivably human.

The comedian and writer Ruby Wax has been one of the most prominent voices in the UK when it comes to dispelling taboos around mental health. Her writing and performance tackle difficult subjects with a remarkable candidness, encouraging us to feel more comfortable admitting how crazy we all really feel and to be kinder around our own emotions, mental health and inner frazzle.

Having already explored ways to help us feel calmer and more content, she has now focused her attention on an even bigger question that surrounds our lives: in a world that is increasingly online and beholden to technology, what is it that makes us truly human?

In her book, How to Be Human: The Manual, written in dialogue with a monk and a neuroscientist, she tackles some of the thorniest questions which confront us in our increasingly complex, distracting and disquieting times.

Ruby will discuss How to be Human and everything from evolution to addictions, negative thought patterns, relationship troubles, sex, children, and the future of our species. Sharing hilarious anecdotes from her own life, alongside insight derived from her two expert advisers, this promises to be an exceptional evening of inquiry, pathos and deeply-felt laughter.

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