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Mon, 28th Oct - Wed, 30th Oct @ 19:30 - 21:30

G&S Society: The Sorcerer

The Byre Theatre
  • The Byre Theatre
  • University of St Andrews
  • Abbey Street
  • St Andrews
  • KY16 9LA
contact details
  • 01334 475000
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Alexis and Aline are due to be married, and the town is celebrating extravagantly. Alexis, an idealist, is determined that love should level all ranks, and to prove his theory, he employs the aid of a Sorcerer – John Wellington-Wells – to concoct a love potion.

Secretly, Wells administers the potion to the entire village during the wedding banquet. As the clock strikes midnight, the villagers  awake and fall deeply in love with the first person they see – to disastrous result. But when Aline falls head over heels for the town vicar, Alexis regrets his actions. He pleads with the Sorcerer, but Wells reveals that in order to reverse the spell either he or Alexis must die…

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