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Sat, 20th Mar @ 17:00 - 18:00

OnFife Spring Festival 2021: Stand Up To Stand Out Comedy Workshop with Raymond Mearns

Online Event
  • Online Event
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Stand Up to Stand Out is a one-hour comedy workshop / course in learning how the art of stand-up comedy can help anyone to become more confident! The art of stand-up comedy comes from simply standing up and trying to say and do something funny and the essence of a joke is: Saying one thing and then, saying something else completely different.  

How will this work? To celebrate the International Day of Happiness on the 20th of March, OnFife is curating a festival of events which will bring joy. As part of these events Raymond Mearns and Jay Lafferty have been brought on board to deliver an introductory session of 'Stand Up to Stand Out'.  

The Sessions The Comedy Workshop will be delivered via zoom, lasting approximately an hour each. Raymond and Jay will each deliver the course in their own inimitable way and guide you through the first steps to performing stand up.  

Content of The Workshop  

Introductions - there you have already spoken in front of the group.  

What Is a Joke? - A quick look at the different types of jokes from observational, one lines, self-deprecating and topical. A joke has a story - characters, conflict and resolution - and most importantly a punchline.  

Where do you get material from? - we will look at the rich mine of material living your life provides. The lived life is far funnier and more relatable than anything you will make up. Taking a lived experience then exaggerate/amplify/elaborate.  

Getting to the Punch Line - 'Less Is More' in comedy. Part of writing a joke is editing for clarity and brevity.   


Structuring a Set - Beginning, middle and the punchline. The punchline must be short, have an element of surprise, and get the biggest laughs. It goes without saying that if you have to explain the punchline, the joke doesn’t work.  

Strategies for Staying in Control - Don’t panic - breathe - slow down. If you feel you are going too fast you are! The key to remaining in control is pace. We will look at techniques to help you master this.  

Just Do It! – some participants will perform for only 1 minute.  

That’s correct, in less than an hour we will have some of you performing a piece of unique work that you created yourself.  

Success in stand-up comes from doing it as often as possible and learning about what makes you laugh! 

How it Works 

The event takes place in the Zoom videoconferencing app, which you should install and test at least an hour before it starts. Or why not install it now and test it with family or friends? Download Zoom If you already have Zoom installed, please check that it’s up to date. Check for updates.  For the best experience of the event use a laptop or desktop computer, and make sure the sound is on. Tablets or phones with the Zoom app can be used also.  

Tickets do not require printing off at home. 

Information and details of how to join the online event will be sent with your booking confirmation and a reminder via email at 9am on the day of the session. Keep an eye on your inbox! And do check your junk/spam folders.

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