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Celebrating the UNESCO World Heritage Forth Bridge

A Scottish icon and gateway to Fife

We're very proud of our history and heritage in Fife and one of our favourite places is an icon of the Kingdom and indeed Scotland - the UNESCO World Heritage Forth Bridge. 

A World Heritage Site is a place listed by UNESCO for being of such special cultural or physical significance that it has ‘Outstanding Universal Value’.

The Bridge's distinctive design with the unique red colour - 'Forth Bridge Red' - is recognised around the world and it is one of the most famous Scottish landmarks.

It marked a milestone in bridge design and construction, extending the railway beyond the Firth of Forth and opening up new transport links. Construction started in 1882 and involved around 5,000 workers. Opened by the Prince of Wales in 1890, it was the world’s first all steel bridge, consisting of 54,000 tons of steel and seven million rivets.

The bridge lands at North Queensferry on the Fife side - a place which is named after the ‘Queen’s Ferry’, thought to have been established in the late-11th century by Queen Margaret of Scotland. A keen pilgrim herself, Margaret was eager to ease the way for her fellow travellers by providing safe passage over the Forth.

The Bridge is still very much in use today, carrying 100s of trains north and south every day.

More information on the bridge

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