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Welcome toooOOOOooo Fife

Welcome toooOOOOooo Fife

It's October and we're feeling a wee bit spooky at Welcome to Fife, so here's some spooktacular haunted hotspots in the Kingdom! Read on....if you dare!!

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St Andrews Cathedral

It is said that St Andrews Cathedral is haunted by two ghosts! One of which is a friendly monk who has been seen going up the stairs at St Rule’s Tower. The other is a beautiful "White Lady". There have been reported sightings for two hundred years of a lady wearing white gloves, floating through the grounds before vanishing at the cathedral’s tower. Apparently stonemasons who were repairing the tower broke through into a sealed chamber and found coffins. One of them lay open and contained the well-preserved body of a young woman, wearing white gloves!! 


Kellie Castle

Once home to a daughter of Robert the Bruce, Kellie Castle is brimming to the battlements with spooky stories. Dating from 1360, the oldest tower is said to be haunted by the spirit of Anne Erskine, who died when she ‘fell’ from an upstairs window. Although rarely seen, she makes her presence known by the rhythmic thump of her footsteps on the turnpike staircase. The ghost of Professor James Lorimer, who began the restoration of the castle in 1878, has also been seen seated in quiet contemplation. It’s said that Kellie Castle was once exorcised … without success!

(source: NTS)


Falkland Palace

Besieged by Rob Roy and partially destroyed by Cromwell’s troops, the palace has a turbulent history soaked in murder and despair. In 1402 the Duke of Rothesay, heir to the Scottish throne, was imprisoned in Falkland Castle, where he reputedly starved to death. In 1542 James V’s body lay in state in the Chapel Royal for almost a month before being taken to Holyrood Abbey and buried. Over the years the palace has had visits from the ghosts of Mary, Queen of Scots; the White Lady, who roams the Tapestry Gallery awaiting her lost lover; and the Grey Lady, who walks the ruins of the East Range and disappears through a wall where once there was a door. Most chilling of all are the sinister faces that appear at the window of the Queen’s Room.

(source: NTS)



This 17th-century village is packed with ghost stories!  For starters, Sir George Bruce (who built what is now Culross Palace), his wife Lady Margaret and their eight children still roam around the palace. If you are a child who interupts Sir George counting his money in the strong room, he will smile and wave. If you are an adult however, you will be averted from getting too close to his riches! George and Margaret's great grandson, Colonel John Erskine aparently continues to cause mischief to this day despite having died in 1743! Female visitors have complained of heavy breathing on their necks and jabs to their bodies.


Aberdour Castle

According to Haunted Scotland, one cold winter morning, there was a group of workers standing chatting in the stables at the castle when loud dragging noises started to occur above them as if someone was moving furniture in the hall above. The castle was locked so the only possibility was that someone sneaked in overnight. Guarding the exits of the hall, they waited for the custodian to arrive who eventually turned up a few moments later. The custodian apparently didn't believe the workers but then she heard the noise herself and gave keys for the hall to the workers so they could all open the hall doors at the same time. When they opened the doors, what was in front of them was the Great Hall "replica medieval furniture, that was by its very design extremely heavy and cumbersome, even a small table required two persons to move it. It was therefore a shock to see this furniture now moved all in its entirety into the middle of the room." All doors and windows were locked! Many think the Fourth Earl of Morton could have been the culprit, but there could be many suspected ghosts! 







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