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Join Lloydi & Fifi on their golf & more tour of Fife

Join Lloydi & Fifi on their video tour of Fife

LLoydi & Fifi are a golf mad couple who live in Fife. They love to go exploring and over the summer they have been exploring their own 'back yard' playing some of the Kingdom's finest golf courses, meeting local players and learning about the history of the game in its spiritual home.

But it's not all about the golf! They have also visited lots of our lovely towns and villages, tried all sorts of experiences from pottery to paddle boarding and cuddling goats to cherry picking. Along the way they have stayed in some of Fife's finest accommodation and indulged in some of the best food and drink the Kingdom has to offer.

You can follow their adventures on YouTube at

And to get you started here's their visit to Dunfermline Golf Course


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