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Being a Responsible Tourist

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

Being a Responsible Tourist

As we all enjoy the outdoors more and discover hidden gems and landscape on our doorstep, we need to be responsible and take care of their natural beauty and habitats so they last for centuries to come, and remain so for others to enjoy and visit too.

When you're outdoors, please be considerate of the landscape around you and respect any signage or information along walking trails and routes - they're there for a reason! Please remember to:

  • Pick up litter; take it home with you or dispose of correctly
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Do not start fires
  • Do not disturb farm animals and keep your dog on a leash around farmland
  • Keep to waymarked paths and trails
  • Do not disturb natural flora, fauna or animal habitats

Remember to read up on, and follow, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before you explore Scotland.

Here's a handy guide to #KnowtheCode

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust have some useful information on wild camping - you can read it here and they also have lots of useful information on visiting their sites at

Scotland, Yours to Enjoy. Responsibly.

VisitScotland has launched a new responsible tourism campaign encouraging visitors to #respectprotectenjoy. Find out more about how YOU can play your part here.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable travel and tourism is important to protect the landscape and boosts the local economy, culture and diversity of the area you visit, which in turn keeps the landscape natural and beautiful for other people to enjoy in the future.

Sustainable travel is a way of holidaying in an eco and environmentally friendly way. It's about considering the impact your trip on the place you're visiting. This could be in terms of:

  • your mode of transport
  • the accommodation you stay in
  • the food you eat
  • the activities you do in the area
  • the communities you interact with

Find out more about how you can travel sustainably and be a responsible tourist here - VisitScotland Sustainable & Responbible Tourism.

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