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Thane of Fife Wildlife and Heritage Tours

Thane of Fife Wildlife and Heritage Tours offers a first class full spectrum wildlife and heritage, Fife based, touring service. Our services meet our varied customer needs for excellent wildlife and heritage experiences in Fife and across Scotland; for high quality tour guiding, accommodation, food and drink; and educational and cultural activities. They also showcase, market and add value to the wider Fife tourist product.


261 Links Street

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Tel: 07506047229
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All our services seek to make Fife’s wildlife and heritage accessible to all, and actively seek to promote these to schools, third sector organisations, and to groups sometimes under-represented as visitors to Fife and elsewhere.


For the independent traveller we can organise a bespoke tour that includes accommodation: self-catering, Bed and Breakfast and hotels across Fife. This range of accommodation meets your budget and, most importantly, your interests. We can offer advice about where to go to see wildlife, and about how to best enjoy Fife’s heritage.

Other independent travellers may prefer to take advantage for our dedicated part or full day wildlife and heritage ‘safari’ guiding service direct from their self-catering, Bed and Breakfast, or hotel accommodation. We will take you around Fife (and further afield if required) to see the very best of Fife’s wildlife and heritage; especially ‘hidden gems’ such as the Eden Centre, Letham Pools, Drumossie Bogs known to our guides.

We offer group travel options to visitors arriving as part of a package deal, for example those arriving on cruise ships. Our part day trips allow visitors to enjoy Fife’s wildlife, beauty and heritage.

We recognise that for many visitors Fife’s premier attraction is golf. The views from some of Fife’s golf courses are among the best in the world. We also offer a full service to golf ‘widows’ and ‘widowers’ so that they can enjoy Fife’s sights while their partners enjoy their golf.

Our guiding service offers our customers the opportunity to explore Fife ‘thematically’. In wildlife terms this may mean focusing on the wildlife of the ‘coast’ or the ‘interior’ or at a particular time of year, in heritage terms on historical times or personalities such as Mary Queen of Scots.

We also offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy Fife through a variety of foci: new ‘pilgrimage’ touring, modern social and political history as told through the story of mining communities and Gothenburg pubs, and through Fife’s appearance in film (e.g. Charoits of Fire), television (e.g. Dr Findlay’s casebook),music (e.g. Sir Jimmy Shand in Auchtermuchty and East Weymss, and Johnny Cash in Falkland) and in literature (e.g. Rebus in Cardenden, Robinson Crusoe in Lower Largo)

Our guiding service can meet the needs of various photographic groups for wildlife, landscape, architectural and historical photography. Fife offers great opportunities to mix both subjects and styles. Photographers should bring both wide angle and macro lenses. Our tours offer tuition to the ‘beginner’ photographer, but also access to prime opportunities to get the sort of pictures sought by more advanced photographers.

We offer bespoke ‘scavenger/treasure hunt’ opportunities to community and other organisations. For a fee, Thane of Fife Wildlife and Heritage Tours will research the clues and organise the event on behalf of the organisation.

We are developing wildlife and heritage activities that meet the needs of the primary school curriculum for environmental, historical and cultural education. We are developing wild and heritage activities that meet the needs of young people with special educational needs as part of community education and development.

We are developing guiding and excursion service for senior citizens groups, through day centres and residential facilities. All our tours have been assessed for wheel chair access and general accessibility. We are developing wildlife and heritage opportunities for people with disabilities generally and for those with specific needs such as: sensory impairment, learning disabilities.

We are conscious that many organisations find monitoring customer satisfaction and service quality difficult. As a result we offer a customer/quality surveying service based on our 25 years of social surveying experience. We would work with you to develop methodologically sound surveys, the results of which you can use to grow your business and meet needs of your customers.

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