Crail Roome Bay

This 2015 Seaside Award winning beach is about a 10 minute walk from the centre of Crail, a beautiful fishing village on the Fife coast.

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With a sandy upper beach and rock pools at the waters edge, there is lots of exploring to be done at Roome Bay.

The bay is south facing and combines a cove of sand and rock pools, with natural peace and quiet.  There is an old disused swimming pool at one end of the beach that is now a haven for wildlife.

The sloping grass area and childrens playground provide a lovely backdrop to the beach on the north side. 

This coastline is part of the internationally recognised Firth of Forth Ramsar site, an international convention designed to protect wetland habitats and the species which live and feed in those areas.  It provides homes and feeding grounds for a whole host of wild birds and animals. 


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Crail is on the Fife Coastal Driving Route and access to beach can be found off Roome Bay Crescent in Crail.

The beach is about 10 minutes walk from the centre of the village.

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Crail Roome Bay
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