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Tue, 5th Nov - Wed, 8th Jan @ 10:00 - 16:30

Scottish Fisheries Museum @ 50

The Scottish Fisheries Museum
  • The Scottish Fisheries Museum
  • St Ayles, Harbourhead
  • Anstruther & Cellardyke
  • East Neuk of Fife
  • KY10 3AB
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As part of a series of events and exhibitions designed to celebrate the Museum’s anniversary year we will be holding an exhibition of the Museum’s development over the last 50 years.


From the earliest recorded history of Anstruther, fishing was the mainstay of the town.  At one time, more fish were caught, processed and traded here than at any other harbour in Scotland.  The fishing industry also supported many associated trades, and was responsible for a large percentage of trade in its own right.  Cured fish were exported to other parts of Scotland, to England, and abroad to Europe.


However, by the latter 20th century, the fishing industry was changing and Anstruther was no longer as important as a fishing harbour.  A group of people, concerned that a way of life would disappear without any trace or recognition, got together to form the Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust, with the aim of establishing a museum to mark the fishing heritage of Scotland.  Anstruther, with its past importance to the industry, was the obvious location to choose.


The Museum, founded by the Charitable Trust and opened in 1969, has grown in both size and strength over the years.  Starting as a relatively small site based around a historic courtyard, the galleries have gradually spread to take in neighbouring houses, a boatyard and various other buildings including a smokehouse and even a pub.


Along the way, many talented and dedicated people have kept the Museum growing, and kept things going during periods of difficulty.  The collections are now Recognised as of National Significance and the Museum is always keen to develop further its high standards for customer service and collections care and display.


The exhibition includes many photographs charting the Museum’s history so far and is sure to evoke memories for the many people who have been involved in one way or another over the years.  Also on show are some of the stars of the collections, including some of the very first pieces that were donated, and also some of the curiosities, such as a murder weapon, that have found their way into the Museum

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