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Showcase your Fife business. Spread the word about your Fife business on the Welcome to Fife website. By being listed Fife businesses can connect to a wider local, national and international audience, it’s simple to get started - and listings are free.


Welcome to Fife is the first port of call for visitors planning trips to the area, a vital source of information and inspiration for visitors when they’re here as well a must-visit website for people living and working in Fife.

To apply for your free Fife business entry on the Welcome to Fife website, start your application now. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s easy to amend. And it’s free.

How it works

  • Complete the short application form, providing the required information about you and your business. By completing this application, you accept the terms and conditions of Welcome to Fife’s Business Listings.
  • Once your registration has been verified and approved, you will receive an email confirming acceptance to the Welcome to Fife business listings.
  • Once successfully accepted, register your business with our free online business listings. You’ll need to include a profile of your business and upload up to five recent, high-quality photos of your business.
  • Remember to update your business profile whenever necessary.
  • By signing up to Welcome to Fife, you will automatically also be signed up to receive the Welcome to Fife for Industry newsletter, providing you with all the latest business tourism news and events.

Top Tips

  1. Before starting your application, consider what you want to say about your business – words and pictures. What makes your business special/unique/unforgettable/worth a visit?
  2. If your business has a unique selling point, shout about it on the Welcome to Fife website!
  3. Take a look at the Business Listings’ categories and decide which is most appropriate for your business. If necessary, you can choose a secondary category.
  4. If your town or village isn’t listed, choose the place nearest to your business.
  5. Select at least one, and up to five good, clear, recent photos that illustrate what your business does. Photos don’t have to be by a professional photographer but the higher quality your images are, the better they will showcase your business.
  6. Keep the description of your business short and sweet. The summary should be less than 130 characters. And write something new. No matter how tempting it may be, avoid cutting and pasting from your website or social media pages.
  7. Check spelling. Check punctuation. Check grammar. Check for stray or missing apostrophes. Check there are no extra spaces between words, lines or paragraphs. Check – and check again.
  8. No underlining, italics or sentences that are all capital letters. Sorry – we’re very strict!
  9. If your registration doesn’t meet our criteria, your listing won’t appear. However, on the rare occasions that this happens, we’ll hopefully be able to suggest how to amend any issues around registration.
  10. Once your registration has been successfully verified, approved and is live on the website, check how your business listing looks online – and check regularly in case anything needs to be changed or updated.

Read the terms and condition, get your business info ready and start your application.

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