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Mon, 1st Oct - Fri, 26th Oct @ 09:00 - 22:30

St Andrews Photography Festival

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It has been over 176 years since the discovery that changed how we view and document the world around us.​

William Henry Fox Talbot’s infamous photographic process patent did not apply to Scotland, and so experiment abounded in this north-east corner of Fife. St Andrews luminaries, Dr John Adamson, Hugh Lyon Playfair, Alexander Govan, Admiral William Maitland Dougall, Lord Kinnaird, Thomas Rodger, Robert Adamson, David Octavius Hill, and Sir David Brewster were some of the first amateur and professional Scottish photographers. Scotland has produced a lineage of exceptional photographers whose impact transcends national borders.​

The St Andrews Photography Festival aims to celebrate this long line of Scottish photographers, historic and contemporary and to recognise St Andrews as the home of Scottish Photography. In 2018, approximately 12 non-traditional venues across town will have their wall space taken over for this 4-week festival. Additionally, we will be hosting events, talks, historical process demonstrations, workshops as well as a photography competition.

An exciting month-long programme of events is planned for the St Andrews Photography Festival 2018

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