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Sugar Beet Factory

After the First World War there was a shortage of sugar in the United Kingdom. Although not previously grown in Scotland, farmers were encouraged by The Government to grow sugar beet. The only sugar beet factory in Scotland was built just outside Cupar and opened in 1926. At the height of a ‘campaign’ from November until March, when the harvest was brought in for processing, more than 500 people were employed in the factory. During this period the factory worked 24 hours a day.

There had been rumors that the factory was inefficient and to be closed, but in 1964, The Government owned British Sugar Corporation built a massive silo 58 meters high to store the sugar. This led to believe that business was flourishing but only seven years later in 1971 the corporation shut the factory.

The silo stands empty today. A reminder of the important part The Sugar Beet Factory played in the economy and social structure over a wide area. It is a landmark that can be seen from miles.

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