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Dunnikier Park Community Golf



C/O Dunnikier Park Golf Club

Dunnikier Country Park, Dunnikier Way








Founded in August 2021, Dunnikier Park Community Golf has four charitable aims:

  1. Raising self-esteem and confidence
  2.  Building a successful pathway to enjoyable participation in golf
  3. Supporting healthier lifestyles
  4. Strengthening community engagement

It is well documented that participation in sport contributes massively to a person's physical and mental health and wellbeing. The covid pandemic has compounded health issues through isolation and lack of social connections.

We wanted to find a way of encouraging people into sport (playing golf) but recognised that traditional golf poses many barriers to participation - time consuming (4 hours+), 4-mile-long courses, it is not plug in and play - requires technical coaching, can be costly etc.

We undertook some research and found a game called Park Golf, played by millions of people in Japan, and also in pockets in other parts of the world eg Brazil, USA, Paraguay, Korea, Sweden. 

We recognised that Park Golf could be the answer to providing easy access to playing golf.  It requires only one club and a ball - whacking the ball into enlarged golf holes over a short course.  The Feature Editor of top-selling golf magazine, Today's Golfer, appropriately described Park Golf as 'Mini Golf on Steroids'.

With £10,650 funding we were able to purchase sufficient equipment, insurances etc to offer free Park Golf (or Park Gowf as we call it, to give it a Scottish flavour).

Since March 2022 we have been offering weekly/monthly Park Gowf sessions, followed by a free cup of tea/coffee and biscuits, to various local community support groups including: Alzheimer Scotland, the Salvation Army, Phoenix Futures, Sporting Memories, the Curnie Club, Walk and Talk etc.  We have also hosted sessions for the Rotary Club, local schoolchildren, football groups, Fife Chamber of Commerce and Fife Golf. 

Park Gowf is played at Fife Golf Trust's 2019 course, which we describe as the 'Hame of Park Gowf'.  It's 6-hole, 500yard layout is ideal for Park Gowf, with a round only taking 30 - 45 minutes to play.

Feedback from all participants has been excellent - lots of fun and laughs.  We were delighted to have the opportunity to introduce Park Gowf to an 89yr old lady and 91yr old gentlemen, who had a great time playing a new sport at their age. 

Booking from support organisations and other interested parties can be made by emailing dpcomgolf@gmail.com

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