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Wadeslea Road

Elie & Earlsferry





This glorious beach is sheltered and sandy, located to the east of the village of Elie with a backdrop of dunes and overlooking the Firth of Forth. Ruby Bay is a part of the Fife Coastal Path and provides access to beautiful walks in the surrounding countryside.

This a great spot for rock pooling at low tide.  Although most animals are well hidden, but on the rocks you will see limpets and barnacles, stuck fast, safe in their shells as they wait for the tide to cover them again. There are also snail like periwinkles and dog whelks, and dark red sea anemones.

If you gently move the seaweed aside you might find shore crabs or hermit crabs. You could also see a fast moving small fish such as a blenny as it darts to the safety of the rocks.

Lots of shore birds come to feed on this rich marine harvest. Wading birds such as Redshank and Curlew use their long bills to probe in the sand for hidden worms and molluscs. Gulls can be seen flying overhead on the lookout for an easy meal and sea duck such as Eider can often be seen as they bob on the waves further out in the bay.

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