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I am a vintage quine. I love all things vintage, and I am a quine. Quine is the word for woman or girl in the Scots language “Doric”, which originates from the north east of Scotland. I am a Doric quine, born and brought up in the granite city of Aberdeen, and we have a beautiful Doric language which I am truly proud of.

I have always been interested in things from the past whether it be the social history on how we used to live, or the stories from folk that have lived in a bygone time. I love the old black and white films, the sleek classic cars, the wonderful 40’s dance bands, the old buildings and the stylish fashions. For me, they have an exceptional quality and uniqueness. My philosophy for my obsessive hobby of collecting is that I am “rescuing “all these old things and giving them a “second chance “of a new home…. to be loved and used once more!

My vintage journey began properly in the late 1980’s where I owned my first vintage shop along with my Mum (the first vintage quine!) in Aberdeen’s Belmont Street and called it Brief Encounter, after the film of course. I didn’t expect after 30 years to be back on that same vintage path. 

My work as a drama teacher and my love of performance art for many years has stood me in good stead for continuing to be creative. Creating Vintage Quine has given me the chance to be inspirational in a continued way. My shop is the Stage Set, my vintage pieces the Props, my background vintage music the Soundtrack, my vintage clothing the Costumes, my staff the Characters, my customers the Audience!

Come to my shop and browse in a wonderfully nostalgic unique setting and dare to be inspired - as I am being a Vintage Quine.

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